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Avon Commons
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"The people in Avon are happy, and (Avon Commons) is very much accepted in the community. (First Interstate) did a commendable job, fantastic work. They did everything they said they'd do."

-Mayor James Smith
City of Avon

Avon Commons First Interstate
This 800,000 square foot shopping and community complex is situated in the rapidly growing city of Avon, Ohio. In addition to spending close to $2 million in roadway and traffic improvements for the area, First Interstate has given attention to every community concern associated with large developments.

Not only does Avon Commons provide the consumer with an array of choices to fill every shopping need, approximately 30 acres of this 80-acre property has been dedicated to a vast amount of lush green space. The grounds contain a festival market place, a recreational pathway, and a gazebo with a surrounding amphitheater for community entertainment events.

First Interstate is proud of this shopping center design, architectural theme, landscaping, as well as the green space and amenities for the community to utilize. Not only is Avon Commons an economic asset to the City of Avon, it is a community gathering place and a people asset.

Avon Commons
Avon Commons

Location:   35974 Detroit Road, Avon, OH  44011
Major Tenants:   Applebee's, Costco, Heinen's, Home Depot, Kohl's, Linens 'n Things, Marshalls, Michael's, Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, Target, World Market
Area:   83 Acres, 7 buildings totaling 618,536 square feet
Four Outlots
  $3,400,000 Road widening and traffic signalization, sanitary sewer and water lines
Traffic Counts:   20,610 vehicles per day at the intersection of SR 83 and Detroit Road
61,690 vehicles per day on I-90 at SR 83
Awards:   2002 Winner of Lorain County Beautification Award for Landscaping
Completed:   Spring 2001



2006 Estimate 2,758 26,299 84,950

2011 Projection 3,036 28,018 87,210


2006 Average Household $79,212 $92,859 $89,904

2006 Median Household $71,290 $79,854 $74,364


2006 Estimate 1,045 9,685 31,841

2011 Projection 1,155 10,328 32,873


2006 Median 39.0 38.5 38.7

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Avon Commons Aerial Map

Avon Commons Area Map

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